Kindergarten, Part 2

As I came closer to the school, my pace quickened.  My mind traveled in anticipation of the day’s adventures.  The drive-through pickup line was slow but steady as a teacher with a bull horn hollered children’s names and the lined up kids jumped in open doors.  I rounded a corner toward M.E.’s classroom when I caught her eye as she led her classmates down the hall.  She was all ready to go with her helmet and backpack on.  Tied to her backpack was laminated foot-shaped tag with her name on it, noting “I’m a walker”.  She ran toward me waving a zip-lock baggie.  It looked empty until she came closer and I realized she was missing something.  Her tooth.  We had worked all summer with that loose tooth.  She had asked us (and friends and neighbors sporadically) several times to pull it out during awkward times at the dinner table.  And now here we are, our first day of school during our first lunch in a cafeteria, eating ham, we lost our first tooth.  Oh, so many milestones!  She proudly said that it didn’t hurt and it didn’t bleed.  I am glad this first experience was a good one.  The tooth fairy came last night and left $1.  She wants to buy a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ toy she saw at Wal-Mart.  I was surprised she wasn’t as chatty about the day as I was, but then again maybe I was too chatty with too many questions.  In response to, “How was your first day at school?”, she replied “fun” and “good” with a grin.  Her favorite part of the day was nap time.  They played hopscotch during P.E. and she made a blue pretzel out of play-dough during “center time”.  She can’t remember any of her new friend’s names, but she reassured me she made a new friend.  We came home and I took “after” pictures.  Because of school testing, she will not go back to school until next Wednesday.  Until then, we will keep practicing our routine and look forward to the next milestone, whenever that may be.

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M.E. Starts Kindergarten!

Yes, the day has finally come.  Today is the first day of the first year in public school for our first born.  Wow, to think we have reached this milestone so quickly.  What will come of the next twelve years?  Last Sunday we went to an orientation and saw her desk, took her school supplies, met the teacher and other students and parents.  We have been in preparation the past two weeks by waking up early, walking to school and eating our lunch out of the lunch box in a timely manner.   Ready or not, here we come.

Part 1 

By tradition (on my side of the family at least) we took a picture before we left the house (early, I might add).  We were all smiles as M.E. rode her bike and I pushed Van in the stroller the three blocks to A.C. Steere Elementary.  On the way I recited words of wisdom and encouragement I had heard for so many of my first days.  M.E.’s response was a typical, “I know, mom.”  So now we have an eager five year old (acting thirteen already) and an overly cautious mother on the way to “big girl school”.  Before the school was in sight, the cars lined the street with parents and children with school supplies and over-stuffed backpacks.  Nobody was dropping off today.  Everyone was walking, smiling, chatting and the cameras were flashing.  I was glad we got the pictures taken at home; I sure don’t look like one of those “new parents”.  I bet M.E. secretly thanks me for that.  We reached her classroom with a few last minute words of advice met with the same “yeah mom” look.  I reminded her to kiss me goodbye and told her to have a good day as I swallowed a lump in my throat and fought back tears.  And without a second glance, she casually walked into the classroom straight to her seat.  Oh how precious she looks at such a large desk.  Aack!  I did not get a picture of her at her new desk.  Oh, and the teacher gave her a cute star-shaped name tag to put on.  Darn.  Would it be weird to bring the camera tomorrow?   Oh well, she is happy in her new classroom and now I am lingering outside waiting for her to run back to me for an extra hug and kiss.  I glanced around the corner and she is already busy with a worksheet.  Mom is a distant memory replaced with the anticipation of new experiences and new friends.  I look down at sleeping Van, wondering if he will be the same when he starts kindergarten:  confident, excited, hopeful, eager and unwavering.

I turn to leave still fighting the tears yet laughing because I am one of those “new parents”.  Glad to have fashionable over-sized sunglasses to hide my watering eyes, I walk back home, thinking of what all I will accomplish in the tranquillity of the first day of school.

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Happy Birthday Hannah and Mom!

We are soliciting the cuteness of our children to hide the fact that we didn’t get birthday cards out.  We love you and wish you Happy Birthdays!


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Ok, new pictures finally

Alright, I have finally taken some new pictures.  He’s only three weeks old.  I can’t work with these amateurs.  Beside, we were in morning of the loss of the Mavs.  Who wanted the Heat to win?

OK, this is a bird I took a picture of outside of the hospital in the parking lot.  If you look closely you can see the egg the bird is protecting.  Shortly after this picture, I was attacked.

attack bird

Now, this is what you came to see.  I just thought it would be fun to throw a random picture in there.  Here is Van being held by Aunt Anne.

Van with Anne
I know Kung-Fu!

Here is M.E.  I have to keep up the quota less sibling jealousy take over.

I look like my fulla doll

Here is a picture of all of us.

all of us

One last picture of Van.


On a darker side note, Dora the Cat died today.  We are all sad here.  M.E. is taking it well and wanted to know when we could get another kitty.  Rufus is doing well, but sits and whines at the door because he misses Dora.  So the last picture is of Dora.

Dora the Cat
Dora the Cat

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It’s a Boy!

Van Austin Denison.  Born at 3:37 AM on June 7, 2006. 8lbs 6oz and 20 inches tall.  While they are not the Brangelina baby photos, I like them more.  Click picture to enlarge.

Hello everyone


 Sam "Tigger"

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Going to the hospital

Leaving for the hospital. Contraction are now about 5-6 minutes apart and lasting about 1 – 1.5 minutes. Update with pictures when available.

Sam “Tigger”

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Almost here

I have come home from work early to take over Shelby's cell phone.  The contractions are 8-10 minutes apart lasting for about 50 seconds.  She is sleeping right now, and I am fielding calls on her cell phone. Melanie has taken M.E. off to shop at Target.  M.E. still does not know what is going on as of yet.  Hopefully the baby will be born soon.  My guess is about 10:00pm tonight, but we'll wait and see.  I'll post back when we leave for the hospital.

Sam "Tigger"

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Name the Baby

As we have not decided on a name, our favorites are:

  • Austin
  • Noah
  • Spencer
  • Josiah
  • Guthrie

Any thoughts from our family and friends?  Would you like to leave your suggestions?  Anyone want to guess when the baby comes?  As of June 5th, no baby yet.

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Still waiting . . .

Still waiting for the baby to come. As of yet, no progress to report other than a June 1st due date and M.E. was two weeks early. Shelby is ready to pop. The swelling feet and constantly enlarging belly is making the mattress less comfortable and the room in the bed for me less and less. The picture below is from Easter of M.E. listening to the baby. Though the baby and belly have grown since then, I fear for my life so I will not post any more recent belly shots. (Note: Shelby is denying this, but I know better. This is a fine line I would rather not dance near.)

Sam “Tigger”

Mommy I can hear the baby
Mommy I can hear the baby

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