Talented Friends

I have got some talented friends with the most precious families!  Here are some great blogs out there that I recently found out about (I am so in the dark, or so very self-absorbed, or just so too busy)…

Jennifer Strange at:  http://jkpstrange.blogspot.com/

Lauren Semmes at:  http://photosonthedashboard.blogspot.com/

Rebekah Aillet at:  http://grace-filledchaos.blogspot.com/

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Amo l’Italia!

My apologies of tardiness are overflowing and guilt has sunk in as more and more friends are asking when I will update this blog to tell of my “once-in-a-lifetime trip to Italy”.  I was planning on writing this from my journal that I kept, but I have temporarily misplaced it.  Once its location is found, I will write more in detail of where we went and what we saw and did.  Overall, it was a wonderful trip.  Without kids or husband, I was able to be myself, not a mom or wife.  I woke up when I wanted, I went to bed when I wanted and throughout the day, did what I wanted to do.  It sounds selfish, but in my day to day real world, I do not get to do those things.  I love my life, but often have found myself getting wrapped up in the insignificant details.  Italy gave me time to step back and see a bigger picture.  It has been about a month since I went and I am still not “settled in” yet.  I am looking forward to school starting and a routine beginning again.  Here are a few pictures of beautiful Italy…

 Florence         The family at dinner        My bedroom view       

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