“I’m an overweight, working mother of two…

young children (a kindergartner and an infant), with a husband, dog, house, yard, debt, two cars, and a job with a lot of responsibility.”  That’s my excuse for getting behind on this blog, not ironing, not dusting, and not writing thank you notes.  I apologize to everyone who has given me a hard time about any of this.  However, as of this moment, the house is quiet as Tigger is out working sound, M.E. is with Manny & Ra-Ra, and the baby and dog are taking a nap.  Oh, it feels good to get something crossed off my “to do” list that has been collecting dust.

Let me get you up to date by telling you about the pictures below.  I posted them in chronological order, and saw that they posted backwards, so beginning with the first picture we will journey backwards through time… 

Not sure when I took the picture of Tigger with M.E. and Van in the hammock, but it was a beautiful day. I was somewhere else and came home to find my family enjoying the outdoors.  They were all sleeping until I came out.  The next picture of me and two strange people is a highlight of this year for me.  In March I went with my boss, Charla (the tall blond), to Dallas for a Curves Regional Convention where we met the founder and CEO of Curves, International, Gary Heavin (the man in the middle).  He is a Christian, multi-millionaire with a huge heart for helping women with exercise, weight management, and health related issues.  His research has, is and will do a lot for women’s health.  (Go to curves.com to learn more about it!)  The next two pictures are of M.E. and Van swinging in our back yard.  M.E. is very hot-natured like her daddy and enjoys wearing t-shirts and shorts no matter the time of year.  I made her wear a hat and gloves so she wouldn’t get too purple.  And Van is just the cutest thing sporting his snowman hat (yes, that is a carrot for the nose!).  Hannah came down to El Dorado from Colorado to visit and Philip Greer was there too.  (Philip is Hannah’s “friend”, hee, hee, hee.)  He is great with a soccer ball and M.E. enjoyed playing with him in the backyard, although she does not want to learn to play soccer because “my legs will get tired!”  It was a great visit with them.  We miss Aunt Hannah very much!  Hopefully we will see her move closer to home this fall.  It’s Christmas at Grandmother’s and Daddy Boots’.  We got great pictures of all the family and I was going to post them, but you can really see my “baby fat” and I don’t want to embarrass myself too much.  Santa brought M.E. a new bicycle which is a whole other story as she learned to ride such a big bike!  Then there is Halloween at Manny and Ra-Ra’s.  I have to note that M.E. went trick-or-treating in the back of a wagon pulled by daddy and Ra-Ra the whole way- it won’t happen next year!  M.E. loves her brother, Van.  She is such a good sister, I could not have asked for anything better.  I am learning the many pro’s and con’s of having kids five and a half years apart and we are enjoying them everyday.  One obvious pro would be the helpfulness of big sister, and an obvious con would be that we are far out of “baby mode” and cannot remember when M.E. did or started whatever.

Overall, the kids are healthy and happy and we are blessed to have loving family and friends.  Some-days I feel very old- tired and worn from daily tasks and challenges, never monotonous.  My mom sums it up well when she reminded me that when we were little, she had no hobbies either.  But I have to remember that with everything, this is a season, just a breath in my life, just a day among many.  In a blink of an eye the moment will be gone and a new season will dawn.  I am learning peacefulness with the help of M.E.’s “Jungle Jams” CDs, which are stories featuring jungle animals and Razzle-Flabins who overcome childhood problems with the help of God’s Word.  I believe God gives children to adults to remind us of what life is really about:  being kind, holding hands, giving lots of hugs and kisses, playing, snuggling, sitting on the floor, taking time to pick a flower or color a picture for someone, singing and dancing wherever there is a good tune.  Of course there are lots more reasons we should look to children to remind us of a simpler life and the joys of living, but I would be here much longer than I can.  Tigger is home, the baby and dog are awake and my solitude is gone.  At least now I can cross this off on my dusty to-do list.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your season.

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