M.E. at the Heart of Texas Rodeo

Mary Elizabeth Denison from Shreveport, Louisiana is a champion Mutton Buster.  Check out her performance.

Last weekend her aunts in Waco, TX entered her in the rodeo to ride a sheep.  As you know us, we are not rodeo goers, but for the entertainment of family and the joy of a child, you will do anything.  As we arrived to weigh in, the limit was 45 pounds, a few other kids were crying pleading their mothers not to make them ride the sheep.  One boy in front of us was too heavy to ride and he was disqualified.  I told M.E. to take off her boots and hat.  She weighed in at 45 pounds.  Then we had to wait for the rodeo to begin and go through the bare-back riding and cattle roping.  M.E. waited anxiously.  Finally the time came.  I positioned myself along a rail with the video camera while Tigger went down to the floor with the digital camera.  Aunt Sarah took M.E. down to the sheep.  M.E. was coached to “give the sheep a big bear hug and grab handfuls of his wool, then hold on tight with your legs.  Ride until the clown picks you up off the sheep, then you raise your hands high.”  Looking back I felt I should have prepared her for what to do if she falls off or gets hurt, but that was not said and she did exactly what we told her to.   It was very exciting to watch the sheep run out of the pin toward the rest of the herd in the confusion of the moment.  M.E. held on beautifully and the crowd erupted in cheers as the clown pulled her off and held her high above his head, her arms raised like a champion.  There were about 10 other kids competing.  They all got a small trophy with a sheep on it, but M.E. earned the largest trophy and a new pair of boots with a score of 92, the next highest was an 80.  She also won the privilege to stand in an inflatable “money machine” where $200 in cash was flying around her and she caught as much as she could.  She came out with $48.  As she and Tigger went to ride rides at the fair she tired quickly and said, “I just want my trophy.”  Now she has informed us she wants to collect trophies.  I asked if she wants to take horseback riding lessons, but she only wants to do gymnastics.  We are looking at area rodeos to take her on tour.

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