More Milestones…

Not only are we starting school, loosing teeth, and smiling here at the Denison house, we are riding bikes without training wheels and laughing. Last Wednesday evening M.E. tried, and succeeded, riding a bike without training wheels. Tigger held the back of her neck and ran with her. I held the baby and the video camera. Tigger’s rule of riding was to “pedal”. And she did. The bike is two years old and she’s almost too big for it, but it was so cute to see her little feet pedaling as fast as she could, swerving to try to stay balanced with her oversided Disney princess helmet tightly strapped on. She did great. By Friday she wanted to ride her bike to school, which we did, and were almost late. All the way to school I was praying, not for her safety, but for my patience and a quiet tongue. Needless to say since then we have gone out to the Stephens’ wide driveway for lots of good practice and she can now make a 180 degree turn. As for our latter news, Van laughed as I playfully kissed his hand today. It was a cute little chuckle that soon was replaced with a smile, then a look of “okay, mom, that’s not funny anymore”. I’m just glad that I was the first.

M.E. wants to add that she can write her name, M.E.. We’re trying to teach her to write her full name, Mary Elizabeth, but she has no interest in doing that since she can write her abbreviated name. (I guess she’s not the overachiever of the family)

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