Name the Baby

As we have not decided on a name, our favorites are:

  • Austin
  • Noah
  • Spencer
  • Josiah
  • Guthrie

Any thoughts from our family and friends?  Would you like to leave your suggestions?  Anyone want to guess when the baby comes?  As of June 5th, no baby yet.

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Still waiting . . .

Still waiting for the baby to come. As of yet, no progress to report other than a June 1st due date and M.E. was two weeks early. Shelby is ready to pop. The swelling feet and constantly enlarging belly is making the mattress less comfortable and the room in the bed for me less and less. The picture below is from Easter of M.E. listening to the baby. Though the baby and belly have grown since then, I fear for my life so I will not post any more recent belly shots. (Note: Shelby is denying this, but I know better. This is a fine line I would rather not dance near.)

Sam “Tigger”

Mommy I can hear the baby
Mommy I can hear the baby

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